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Worth going to the Alps for one day of biking...?

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Hi all,

I may be able to go to the Alps (Geneva) with a friend for pretty much one day of biking (fly out friday evening, fly back sunday evening, but wouldnt bike on the sunday).
I would really like to, but the return flight will be œ150 ish, and then at least another œ50 for taking the bike and food and whatever. May be able to stay with friends out there.

I will hopefully be going to the Alps later in the summer with my brother, 3 or 4 days biking, but thats not certain.
But if I didnt go to Geneva, Id be able to spend more when I go with my brother.

I know the Alps are amazing, but œ200ish at least for 1 days biking...?

Any thoughts?

Ta, Duane [:)]

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