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afan forest

stephen morleystephen morley Posts: 3
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Having only ever ridden locally (isle of wight).I took my bike to the afan forest trail center in Wales on tuesday. It was a real eye opener what a fantastic place. I rode the wall in the morning and the Penhydd trail in the afternoon. The wall is the scariest and I must admit that I was terrified riding some bits of it. Its not so much the trail as the sheer drop to certain death on one side of it. I had to keep telling myself focus on the trail don't look over there.
I also found a huge hole in my technical abilities namely switchbacks we don't have these on the isle of wight.I found that I was okay when climbing but better on left handed turns than right but coming down hill I could manage the left but not right is there a reason for this or is it just me?
The Penhydd trail is easier on your nerves with only a couple of places with huge drops on the side of the trail and because of this I found I enjoyed it more especially the sandy singletrack at the top.It was on bottom section of this trail though that I had a big off.I went through a rocky section and straight off the side of the trail I thought I'd had it for a second but I landed on what I can only describe as feather bed moss. hats off to thee trail builders for puting this stuff here as I came out of a bad off with no damage to me or the bike.
One thing I wanted to ask though.When I was in the car park some kid made a comment about my spd pedals I didn't hear what he said but I did hear his mum tell him off for being rude.Looking round the car park at the bikes though every single one had flat pedals why is this?
Anyway had a great day out cycling on the islands going to seem very dull after this.



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