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horsham area

mushyjmushyj Posts: 29
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Any good trails or rotes in Horsham (west sussex) or surrounding areas? olso where do i look to find them?
I have tried south downs link which is great ror the scenery but its more of a dog walkers trail! , I have also done an old route we did as kids which was set of from Ashington - down wiston lane - join the south downs and cross chanctonbury ring- then back down through washington - and back up a24 to ashington. (followed by pint at the lacal!) - good route but not to local
anybody in local area or know routes in local area?


  • Marky Mark.Marky Mark. Posts: 646
    St Leonards Forest from the Roosthole car park, loads of good stuff (and even better once it drys out as it was more than a bit sloppy at the weekend). Tilgate isn't to bad and you can join the two up for a longer ride. There's the North Downs which I'm sure the Guildford chaps would be more than happy to show you around although that's not exactly local.

    There's some North Shore up on Denne Hill too.

    The Family
  • mushyjmushyj Posts: 29
    i heard about st leonards forest, apparantly goes all the way up to crawley? gonna have to be my next local challange, cheers
  • Marky Mark.Marky Mark. Posts: 646
    It does indeed. If you're really desperate Evans do some local rides, never been on one but it's an option, it's a shame that the local bike shops don't have organised rides.

    There's also but these tend to be more around the Worthing area or that have organised rides.

    The Family
  • mushyjmushyj Posts: 29
    cheers il look in to it
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