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new bike???

fireyfoo54fireyfoo54 Posts: 63
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Hi im thinkin on buying a new bike and I was just wonderin what everybody here says about it...

At the moment I ride a giant reign 3, it's pretty good but I think its kind of the wrong bike. The reason I might think this is that the reign 3 is an allmtn bike, I know this and I bought this bike for largely tough xc riding with some drops and jumps.

However over the months I find myself,less and less riding trails and more and more jumping freeride ect. Its not that I dont like trails anymore, in fact I love the local track although its basically a giant climb followed by an awesome downhill.

Anyway back to the subject, my local bike shop who sold me the reign will put it up for sale if I ask and I can pay the difference upto a max œ500-œ600 I expect the reign to make about œ500-œ700. There is a nice norco six 2 thats going for only œ1079 at the LBS i know that is a more freeride orientated bike that I think would be great for the downhill and drops big hits etc but im considering a more radical change, to a hardtail. I know they are better at jumping plus i will probably get a better spec for the money(or will I? œ1079 thats œ300 off).

As for the hardtail=better skills ect argument, im not sure about that although I know I can ride agressive trail pretty well on both types (even crappy schwinns with knackered forks), so post your opinions on the matter. Amoung the hardtails i'm considering are orange crush, norco manik maybe or similar.

I dont see myself forking out much over œ1000 but maybe if I get a fair bit from the reign...

Well i've given you quite a large post, but i've still probably missed something out, so just ask if you need to know anything<font face="Arial"></font id="Arial">.

Thanks in advance.[:)]


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