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Advice on this Nomad please

jdubjdub Posts: 10
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In my last topic I was asking advice on which bike to get.

Think I have decided on a Santa Cruz and have seen this Nomad on the bay. What do you think, looks like the guy is selling all his MTB stuff, really thinking about bidding on it.
Scam alert is not going off as it is a collection in person job.
How much do you think I should bid to?

Would like some advice on this. ... dZViewItem

Thanks John W.


  • wow nice bike, but i cannot affords something like that, sounds legit to me, not to sure about weather it is a good deal as i dont no what they are new,[^]

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  • jdubjdub Posts: 10
    Thanks mate,

    Any other opinions please, as I am out of date when it comes to components etc..

    Thanks John.
  • Capt. ConcussionCapt. Concussion Posts: 1,585
    That looks like top notch kit throughout. He states on the advert that it cost œ4000 and that is perfectly believable with what he has on it. [:0]


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  • SeagullSeagull Posts: 2,814
    Spec is pretty much top end across the board and will be upto heavy duty use. What always worrys me about these is that he is selling this hardly used bike, that obviously cost a fortune and he isn't giving a reason, I would want to know why he is selling. The key part is the frame, if this is damaged in anyway then it may be very expensive to fix.

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  • jdubjdub Posts: 10
    Cheers guys,

    It looks like he is selling all his gear, I will delve deeper though.

    Any idea at what price I should go for?
  • The ad says he's selling it because it doesnt get used. I doubt someone who owns a bike like that only has one bike to choose from. I'd need easy access to some pretty serious terrain to justify a bike like that. Personally i dont like the vpp weirdness. Have you ridden one?
  • SSW1989SSW1989 Posts: 235
    mmmmmm beautiful curves just like a beautiful woman....

    Shes got some damn good kit too!

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