Online bike shop bashing!

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Bit annoyed with a certain online bike shop. I ordered a Middleburn chainring 5 weeks ago and have only recieved it Friday just gone! I knew it was out of stock at the time but they expected them in about a week after I ordered so I didn't mind waiting a little (they were on sale [:)]). That due date came and I checked again only to see that a new date had been set! This happened another two times and it was starting to tick me off a bit. I called them and they couldn't help me. TBH it might have just been the Middleburn importers being pi$$y so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, last Monday it showed that they were now in stock so I called to see what the situation was and I was told my chainring had been dispatched the wednesday of the week before and would definately be with during the week. Thursday came and still no chainring so I called them back and gave him (a different guy) my details and the conversation went something like this :

Him:"Is this about your Middleburn Chainring?"


Him:"It has been cancelled"


Him:"Yea, that was cancelled weeks ago"


I told him of my conversation with the bloke on Monday and as neither of us knew who it was there was nothing he could do! Unbelievable. He managed to get me the chainring sent the next day but I am stunned at how the guy I spoke to on Monday came up with the info he gave me! Did he make it up??? It was the first time I had ordered from them and I am not sure I will bother again! Rant over [:D]

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