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Tyres on Mavic Crossride

PJPenrouzPJPenrouz Posts: 136
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I've got Mavic Crossride XC wheels and wonder what's the largest tyre I can put on them. I'm thinking of Schwalbe Racing Galph 2.40". The Mavic web site lists tyres only up to 2.30" but they are not explicitly saying wider ones shouldn't be used. Would that work?


  • rubber side uprubber side up Posts: 2,150
    The question is more, what is the biggest tyre width your frame can take. But to be honest, if you're riding Xc, you shouldnt be riding anything bigger than a 2.3" anyway.

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  • PJPenrouzPJPenrouz Posts: 136
    The frame and fork are OK - lots of clearance there (voodoo wanga and pace rigid fork). It's a singlespeed and I'd like to be on lots of air. BTW the wheels are from my previous bike and I probably wouldn't choose them for the current bike. Mostly I do XC and city riding.
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