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back disc brake help

ben2k200ben2k200 Posts: 19
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
hi, just bought my first double disc hardtail, sumthing ive been lookin forward 2 since i started biking years ago, simply coz they look so cool but only now ive been able 2 afford 1, anyway..

my back disc brake keeps makin a whistling type of noise whenever i pedal, it doesnt wen im not peddling for sum reason, i dunno if its got a bit of dirt on it or sumthing, i dont think so considering ive only taken it out once and tht was just on roads.
any help wood help, thnks


  • SnapperSnapper Posts: 112
    What bike do you have and what brakes do you have? If its new just take it back to the shop you got it from if you think there is a problem.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    the pads will need to bedding in first, give it a week and then take it back. the caliper may just need realigning.

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  • mmm_piemmm_pie Posts: 1,934
    What brake?

    And speak english.

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  • twdtwd Posts: 104
    could be that ur rear wheel is loose and moves about in the frame when you pedal. check that first before you get worried.

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  • rubber side uprubber side up Posts: 2,150
    If it "whistles" when your pedaling, but not when you freewheel, i'd be looking more towards the drivechain area, rear mech in particular.

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