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Plymouth, Riders!

warner1988warner1988 Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in MTB rides
Anyone from Plymouth who ride?.... just wanna know what decent tracks around here for downhilling, other than just cann woods? [8D]


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    yesh, what bike do you have? i may have seen you up cann. try on the PCS forums, you have to know the right people to show you where other tracks are[;)], there are a couple other tracks near cann. but im not willing to diclose them over the internet to a total stranger, who could be a 'dirty chav' and just litter up the more secret tracks, much like what has happened to cann. you could alway build your own tracks and shiz in other private places, i have [8D].

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  • I own a Kona Kickapu :D believe me i'm not a dirty chav! haha, just want some more single tracks and downhill tracks to try out. I've added u on msn my addy is [email protected].
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