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AtticusAtticus Posts: 5
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i have a giant acid
i love it
single speed and use it for alot of dirt jumping
today was my first attempt at some downhill
was a laugh but hurts after

for the last month the bike keeps creaking
ive fixed certain ones such a seat post which just needed tightning
there is a constant ticking or creaking coming from around the headset area. when i pull up it creaks. dont know why. when i go over a bump there is a tinging noise coming from (i think) inside the steerer tube. sounds like a loose bb pinging around but it cant be because there sealed. i haved checked everything. lubed everything. still it carries on.

ive had a look on park tools but nothing on there helps.

me and my friends dont know what it is, so im looking for some help on here.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


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