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Cape wrath 06

anubis5289anubis5289 Posts: 47
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I am thinking about buying this bike. It says it has shimano disc hubs but can anyone tell me if it is 6 bolt or centre locking discs i will need?



  • 6 bolt hubs I believe, my mate has an '05 version which is 6 bolt.

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  • anubis5289anubis5289 Posts: 47
    Ok, cheers. Can anyone tell me for definite if it is 6 bolt hubs? When did the centre locking disks come into use?
  • ROCHAROCHA Posts: 266
    '07 version is 6 bolt since it has Shimano M475 hubs, I suppose '06 is also 6 bolt 'cause it comes with the same rims and, most likely the same hubs. Besides the disc version of the bike comes with non shimano brakes, wich are 6 bolt for sure...
  • anubis5289anubis5289 Posts: 47
    Cheers, that pretty much confirms it! Thanks for your help! :)

    If anyone actually has one of these it would be even better ;)
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