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DJ fork help?

HuDeani_r32HuDeani_r32 Posts: 6
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
rite my old forks have just died (RS pyslo xc's) lol they have taken a right beating over 4 years and not been serviced once and i have used them as a jump/free ride fork!! but now im hitting bigger jumps and built up a single speed jump bike i need some new forks but dont know what to get! i need them to be a QR mount as i am on a budget atm! need travel to be about 100mm-120mm no more but dont really want 80mm and need to be around œ200 max! i was lookin at some Magura Laurin's that i have seen for really cheap and seen them on the 4x yeti bike in this months mbuk so are they any good for my needs or not man enough? what are your suggestions? im willing to get some 2nd had as i will be upgrading to a full on dj bike at some other time just need to get back out on mine!
thanks for your help!



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