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I rode a trail in the peak district recently, Ladybower south, the grading in the guide was 2 out of 5, which i concluded would be fairly easy going. i ride a few times a week and am comfortable in afan south wales and have even riden most of the trails on a single speed. but some of the uphill sections on ladybower south were so steep and bouldery it was a mean feet to stay on the bike (geared) I rode as much as i could but had to push a lot of it.

My borther is in leeds so im quite up for doing some more trails in the area but would like to find some good trails with single track that dont have ups that are more suitable for a down hill rig to be comming down them.

maybe its just the way the hills are in the peakes?

can anyone point me to what im looking for?



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    was it the section that starts off at the North West end of the resevoir, and you double back left up a path through a wide gate? the one where you climb up through a pine forest and the hill is just relentless?!

    We did that one a couple of months ago and it was an ABSOLUTE slog!

    Drop me an e-mail if you fancy meeting up for a ride in the Peaks. It's where I ride every saturday morning.

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