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Air forks?

Sam12Sam12 Posts: 217
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
i have a new pair of fox f100 rl forks and i was wondering if i could use just a normal inner tube pump to pump air in the forks or do i have to buy a special fork pump?

(it does have a gauge so i know how much air is in the forks)


  • SnapperSnapper Posts: 112
    Normal pumps have way to bigger volume really. Pressure gauges on normal pumps tend to be very poor at best as well. I would recommend against it.
  • Sam12Sam12 Posts: 217
    but would the air go in and the forks be blown up more?
  • The Joe ShowThe Joe Show Posts: 9,413
    Normal pumps are designed to put a low pressure in a large area.

    Shock pumps are designed to put a high pressure in a small area.

    By using a normal pump you risk damaging the seals and they're not accurate.

    Buy a shock pump, or go to a bikeshop which has one and use theirs.

    And consult the owners manual for the correct pressure settings.

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  • joshlebjoshleb Posts: 623
    I took my old Judys to my LBS and they did it for free, or if you want to spend some money, buy one.

    Before you do it though RTM, so you know what you are doing and how much to put in

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  • wwjjttwwjjtt Posts: 204
    noooooooo don't do it! i have heard horror storys! your lbs might do it for free. we would in mine.

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  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    may be an idead to get yourself a fork pump. as the pressures will change during use. i have myself a high pressure fork pump, only as i run about 140psi in my pikes.

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  • NoodooNoodoo Posts: 214
    You need to invest in a fork pump really... I change my pressures quite often depending on where i'm riding.

    If i'm going to be jumping a lot, i'll run about 5psi more than normal - to make absolutely sure that I can't bottom it out.
    If it's going to be flat (such as canal tow paths), i'll run 5psi less than normal - to make riding ultra smooth.

    Normal for me (using 20% of travel as sag) is 40psi.

    Download the manual and read about the pressure settings for your fork.

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