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mi dai at chicki help

ok 2dai i went 2 chicki dun abit of hard ridin but iv cracked my halo sas front rim and mi marazochi dj comps 06 are clicking. whats wrong with the forks and can i get mi halo repaired?

~go travis!~
~brahhhp SEND IT large~


  • ToMBeMeToMBeMe Posts: 252
    Your going to get slated for not using the queens english so edit your thread to make some sense.
  • maximus44maximus44 Posts: 1,058
    learn to spell and then help will arive
    but just get new rims such as mavic ex721s

    Dmr goes here
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    Sound "pimp"

    So what, they shout out derogitory sexist comments when you pass people?

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