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Advice Please!!

bigG23bigG23 Posts: 14
edited June 2007 in XC and Enduro
Hey everyone

I am returning to M'Biking after a few years, and am looking for a new bike (for trail ridding)! Fancy getting a full sus (first one) as have always had hardtails! Have been looking at the spec fsr xc range, and really like the bikes! Now the problem

I'm a big guy (6ft 8") just been told that my weight may mean the fsr's would not take much punishment!!! Does anyone have any 07 fsr or advice on this?

Also if any one could recommend a bike better suited that would be greatly appreciated (œ700 - œ1200), as dont want to spend all that money on a bike that wont last a few cycles!!



  • Red LemonRed Lemon Posts: 3,433
    A 2007 Kona Dawg, A 2006 Kona Dawg Deluxe or 2006 Kona Coiler would all be good choices.

    The Coiler is the toughest of the three. The two dawgs are pretty similar in terms of toughness.
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    i would go with the kona's any 1. kona's are solid built iv had mine for 2 years and still going strong.
  • bigG23bigG23 Posts: 14
    Cheers for the advice I will have a look at the Konas

    ps how are the components on the 07 Dawg? Have not seen any reviews of the bike and wasnt sure about on the front / rear sus and brakes?
  • Red LemonRed Lemon Posts: 3,433
    I'd look for a 2006 Dawg Deluxe before going for a 2007 Dawg. It has a definite edge in the rear shock and brake department. Fork....I'm not sure which is better, to be honest with you.

    But IIRC, 2006 Dawg Deluxes are going for around œ1000 to œ1200, so you might even be able to get yourself a better fork on the front, like a Rockshox Revelation, and still come out within your budget.
  • bigG23bigG23 Posts: 14
    A friend has suggested a Giant Reign 2, does anyone have any advice on the bike?
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