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volvomanvolvoman Posts: 4
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[?]what is the best headset hope or chris king [?][8D]


  • ToMBeMeToMBeMe Posts: 252
    Chris king.
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    Chris King, the Hope, although a decent headset, isn't worth its price tag and the head doctor thing is a bit naff. The Chris King is smooth as butter from the outset and stays that way almost forever with no maintenance. If you get the king you will never have to buy another headset, unless, like me you get a frame it doesn't fit.

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  • GingersaurusGingersaurus Posts: 466
    Yep Chris King.

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  • rubber side uprubber side up Posts: 2,150
    Lets put it this way. Chris king NoThreadSet has a 10 year warranty.

    Hope, well.... doesn't. [;)]

    ck is better. by a long shot. been using mine now 6 months, not a creak, groan, wobble or anything. not even had to retension it [:)]

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  • volvomanvolvoman Posts: 4
    its for a trek6500 06
  • ImprezaRobImprezaRob Posts: 665
    Chris King, but make sure your get your frame headtube faced.

    I thought mine had a creak, but it turned out to be something completely different.

    Brillian headsets.
  • themolland8themolland8 Posts: 57
    chris king ftw, if only burgtec made a head set...

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