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Rock Shox Sid XC Air Shock

gotta_hurtgotta_hurt Posts: 239
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Are these shocks any good? I'm 15 stone and don't know if i'm going to bottom them out! How much can you pump them up? CRC are selling them for œ90 at the moment,don't want to waste my cash! Only going to be used for xc and the odd drop off....[:I]


  • scgtscgt Posts: 173
    they are very old and flex quite a bit
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    They are really flexy, only for super lightweight xc jayboys really. You could quite possibly snap them with your 15 stone(and don't worry, i'm 15 stone too). I'd save the money for some rebas or possibly argyles for the bolt through stiffness, but probably reba's

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  • breezerbreezer Posts: 1,225
    Edit: You do mean the rear Sid XC shock dont you? I think ride_whenever thinks you mean sid forks! :)

    No DO NOT buy one. One came on my Azonic originally when I got the frame from CRC. I thought it worked ok although I had the rebound wound nearly all the way up to slow it down enough, any more and it wouldnt rebound at all and I am 13 stone. Would be better for you i guess as heavier.

    Anyway to continue the story, after 6 months or something it started making dodgy noises from the rebound (although carried on working the same). Sent it back to CRC, they replaced it. Five months later the same happened! I sent it back again. This time whoever it is that imports Rockshox stuff said it was uneconomical to repair so CRC sent me a Fox Float R, unsure of year, 2005 model perhaps. This TOTALLY transformed the bike. Its now like riding a sofa. The difference in small bump sensitivity is unbelievable and yes I did play around with negative pressure settings on the Sid!

    To summarise, save up a bit more money and try and get a Float R or a RL from somewhere although bear in mind both are more prone to a tiny bit of pedal bob as no platform damping like in a RP3 etc but massively cheaper! May get some good deals on ebay, ensure the length is right though

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  • gotta_hurtgotta_hurt Posts: 239
    Sorry guys...i did mean rear shock!Doh. Thanks breezer for info...going to a "show"(want for a better word) sunday in Enfield that are supposed to be cheap!Can't remember who's name it is who's running it, but my nephew says they do good deals!Keep my eye out for a fox float r!!![;)]
  • breezerbreezer Posts: 1,225
    Just make sure you measure yours before hand so you know the eye to eye gap. Fox ones are probably the best option for the money

    2005 Azonic Propulsion
    1998 DMR Trailstar
    1992 Breezer Lightning Pro
  • haroexoneharoexone Posts: 165
    float r rear can have pro pedal.float rl very rare and lockout doesnt like heavy chaps
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