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Kikapu Dx 2006 vs Kikapu 2007

thephringethephringe Posts: 3
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Hi all,

After a 10(ish) year 'rest', I'm ready to start cycling again. I'm on a bit of a budget (up to œ800 or thereabouts) and want to get myself a new steed.

I want full suspension and I want a Kona. I don't have a good reason for wanting a Kona, but I've only ever owned an Orange and then a Specialized and always wanted a Kona bike for some reason so I'm going to get one!!

My question is - would I be better off going for last year's Kikapu Deluxe (which I can pick up for œ700) or this year's Kikapu (œ800)? I've read some posts about the spec on the 2006 deluxe not being as good as the previous year. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

I'll be doing cross-country only - no major downhill riding - and for the next 12 months or so I'll no doubt be taking it easy while I attempt to recover some fitness.

It's pay day today and if I don't buy it soon I'll be out of money again and it'll have to wait until next month [;)]




  • ROCHAROCHA Posts: 266
    IMO Buy the 2006 kikapu deluxe. It has hidraulic discs instead of mechanical ones, probably a better shock, comes with clipless pedals and has better mechs.
    The rock shox fork on this year's model is a tiny bit better than the zocchi on the deluxe but either one of them is limititating the bike's performance, so, in the near future you should consider getting RS Toras or something like that.
    If you can, get the store where you're buying the bike from to swap the deluxe's fork for a tora for œ50 or less. That would be a great deal and would leave you with a pretty decent bike.
  • TartanyakTartanyak Posts: 2,988
    I agree pretty much exactly with that <points up> There's very rare exceptions to the rule that last year's sale deelux versions are better than this year's non sale normal specs.

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  • thephringethephringe Posts: 3
    Excellent stuff - thanks guys. Confirmed what I was thinking. Didn't realise the difference in the brakes (hydraulic vs mechanical) so that's a bonus.

    Thanks again... Time to spend some money [:D]
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