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Planning a trip to Snowdonia and the Beacons, looking to do a few days riding in both locations, bikes will be well serviced and up to the job, but what "other" kit should we take:

A, spares in the van?
B, tools etc on the trails?

I always seem to take too much or nothing at all (I have mates that take rear mechs with them!) and would like to know the general consensus on sensible kit, or what you take for a day in on the trails. Going to do an over nighter as well but I've got a Bivvi and a 1 season bag & some adventure sports type food (I use them when over nighting when Kayaking) so that's not an issue.


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    i work in afan and we get allsorts in. chains, brake pads are a big one! cables, tires. just stuff that you have or are likly to break. there are plenty of good shops in s wales if you need them.

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    in the van: tubes, tyres, basic tools, track pump, maybe a couple of spare rotors in the van maybe a couple of spare wheels, even though thats going to be unlikely to be needed.

    in the backpack, tube, puncture repair kit, tyre levers, bike lock, mini tool kit of the foldable variety, small hand pump, and maybe, like i do, a spoke key.

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    i carry like hardly any thing only a pump and a tube