new forest

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I'm heading there at the weekend for my cousins birthday, thought I might squeeze in some riding. anyone know if it's any good? any trails, man made or otherwise?


  • fabienno1
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    I have cousins who live in the area and head up there when I go up to them. It was fairly good but pretty small when I last went. There is a family trail I believe. However, there has been some major wok done on it and now has lots more freeridey things including a helter skelter. Don't know about any of the other trails though! Depends what sort of riding you do and how long you intend to spend there if only a couple of hours then it might be pretty good but as I say I have only heard of the work rather than experienced it for myself.

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  • Amos
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    I was down in the New Forest a couple of months ago, there is a lot of fireroad trails to ride, check out a map here:

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