Mavic Crosswhat?

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My current alex rims/wheelset are a little iffy at the moment. I am looking for an upgrade, possibly the following:

crossmax enduro

I really want the crossmax xl, but am not willing to pay œ500 for a set of wheels.
Looking at the œ150-250 kind of range.
I know the crosstrail is quite new and not really reviewed as of yet...

Any pointers?


  • Silver Bullet
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    What do you want them for?

    but ebay might be worth look though?

    '06 Scott Voltage YZ2

  • mrtwist
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    Mainly single track with as much drop off as I can handle (2-3ft at most!)

    I ride mainly Argoed an and Glyncorrwg
  • thaibog
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    I use the crossmax enduro 06's i bought em off e-bay for œ209 new..i was a bit iffy about them at first cos they where so light and had only 24 spokes.
    3 month later i have shelved my sunrim mtx's in favour of these babies for all my riding.
    They handle my 18 stone over all manner of stuff including drop offs of 5 ft..( i have a 6 inch travel spesh enduro to take some of the shock) and mentalist of my home town trails of chiltern flint,chalk and root..
    I use them with normal tyres ( panaracer cinder 2,25 on the front and panaracer fire 2.1 on the back with no tubes using stans notubes sealant}

    One of the best upgrades I ever chose IMO..

    Thumbs up to those frenchies over at mavic from me... ... rid=148766