clumsy oaf!

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Hi all,
I'm getting back into riding after a while out. I went to Dalby yesterday and tried the red route and found really hard going. Not just just the lack of fitness, mainly technique. From what I remember the blue is pants - flat and open with a steep bit or two and very long . Is there somewhere (around York area) I can go to build some confidence.

hmm... think ill need a bigger hammer.
hmm... think ill need a bigger hammer.


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    I could also do with some York info for when I'm down at the parents. Dalby is also all I know.

    Why the title: 'clumsy oaf'?

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    look on here these are people who build alot of the single track trails in Yorkshire, so see whats near to you and give it a go. If your near wharncliffe i can definatly say its worth going to, i went yesterday and thought it was really good, its similar to the dalby red route but shorter (10 miles), but don't go when its rained alot because the first section dosen't drain well and just turns into a mud pit.