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I would like ure opinions on this pls..

I`ve been riding in my local woods for yrs, my main way in is thru a disused landfill site. I just climb the 5 bar gate and lift my bike over, no problem, does`nt say private property etc.
At the beginning of this yr a guy has started keeping horses in the field next to the gate I get over. The gate is not his and does not have anything to do with his field. However, he has put barbed wire all over the top of it to try and deter us from climbing it
Okay I thought, so I made a way in via another route. It still does`nt touch his field in anyway, less then 48 hrs later it has barbed wire all over it as well !!!

My mountain bike crew are all gettin pissed off now cuz we just wanna ride. We don`t cause this guy any problems but for some reason he thinks he can put barbed wire up all over the place on things that he does`nt even own

What would you do?

I know what I`m most probably gonna do but I would like to hear ure own opinions...

Specialized til I die
Specialized til I die


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