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markcmarkc Posts: 20
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hi all,
went out today after 5 months off the bike. i did 15 miles from chorley lancashire up to rivington pike, then over great hill.
it took it`s toll on my shoulders, legs and a painfull censored .
has anyone else been to rivington and that area, it`s quite good. ... ington.jpg ... killer.jpg ... mhills.jpg
i dont like mondays and hills


  • ginsterdrzginsterdrz Posts: 114
    Was it not the site of the Commonwealth Games MTB race?
  • new freeridernew freerider Posts: 197
    i walked up it with my dog and fell in a bog at the top of winter hill near the big tower
  • markcmarkc Posts: 20
    ha yeah it`s full of them..

    i dont like mondays and hills
    i dont like mondays and hills
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