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Purple Extreme

blazoblazo Posts: 10
edited May 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey has anyone had any experience using Purple Extreme? I thought it looked really good but I tried it last weekend on only a short (but wet) ride and my chain had gone rusty in places the next day.

I made sure I cleaned the (brand new) chain really well with Finishline ecotech and rinsed it. I also left the lube for a few days before the ride. MBUK say to use GT85 on the chain after rinsing - but this is OFFICIALLY classed as a lube (look on the can and the website) and it clearly states on the instructions NOT to use ANY other lubricant with it.

Any ideas if Im doing anything wrong?



  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    the GT-85 acts as a water dispenser. its not really a proper lube because it washes off. its more like a light lubricant. once you've applied it to remove the water, put some proper lube on it afterwards.

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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    That is why i use WD-40 as water displacer, not GT-85

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  • tenin2wenty10tenin2wenty10 Posts: 125
    You should have left the original lube on the chain if it was brand new like you said, it's far superior to aftermarket stuff. Then used the purple extreme when the original stuff needed replacing. The Purple Extreme is much better suited to road bikes though, where it doesn't attract as much dust and water.

  • Big Red SBig Red S Posts: 26,890
    I've been using Purple Extreme for a year and a bit now, no problems. I suspect that you might not have used enough - it is an absurd amount of lube that you need to put on the chain; far more per application than any other lube.
    The small freebie bottles they do are only supposed to do one chain.

    It doesn't mind old lube, either, it'll dissolve it and wash it out (so you need to reapply sooner).

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    The Purple Extreme is much better suited to road bikes though, where it doesn't attract as much dust and water.<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote"> Wouldn't that make it more suited to MtBs?

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  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    I tried the trial pack of Purple Extreme a little while ago, and my chain rusted too!

    I degreased the chain (White Lightning degreaser) and applied the Purple Extreme as per the instructions. One wet commute later, the chain had started to rust. I still have the seconf sample on the shelf!

    I've gone back to Finishline Wet for the winter, and am now trying Rock'n'Roll Gold for the summer (which is working exceptionally well thus far!)

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  • blazoblazo Posts: 10
    Thatnks for the suggestions - WD40 is also an oil - pretty much exactly the same as GT85 - any water displacement is an oil and hence a lubricant. You say put some proper lube on it afterwards- that is what the question is: I am trying to apply Purple Extreme. I have heard that the original lube on a chain is pretty good, but its pretty sticky and attracts alot of grit. Since Purple extreme say you can get 400miles between applications I'd rather just stick it on straight away. Purple extreme say it is ideal for dirty, wet rides and all the magazines have given it 10/10 so surely they must have tested it and agree with what the manufacturers say. For MBUK to give it 10/10 then say in a separate conversation that they put GT85 on first without mentioning that in the review is completly contradictory.
  • TETE Posts: 4,087
    Thats MBUK for you. Dont use it as a bible, theyre not right half the time.

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  • ROCHAROCHA Posts: 266
    Use engine oil! One drop in every link and you're done. I never used anything else.
  • blazoblazo Posts: 10
    What are you talking about mate?!
  • ROCHAROCHA Posts: 266
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by blazo</i>

    What are you talking about mate?!
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    That's all I use! W30 oil. It's used on chainsaws.
    Probably not the best chain lube around but effective enough.
    It's better to keep an eye on your chain and lube it when it needs than to buy expensive lubricants and then forgetting to.
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  • blazoblazo Posts: 10
    You are both talking rubbish - lubes like engine oil might prevent rust but they attract dirt and grit and wear a chain down faster than without it. Purple extreme doesn't attract dirt or grit - its like a plastic coating. My question was HOW DO YOU APPLY IT FOR BEST RESULTS?
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    this is what i do.

    i use the muc off chain doc, this degreases and strips my chain, then i liberally use purple extreme, putting a reasonable amount on each link of the chain. leave it overnight, then go ride. but what i do, before i ride, i spin my chain a few times, so the excess spins off. that leaves NO rust, and the chain is silent as for a couple of weeks. then redo it.

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