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Liverpool, UK, Stolen 2007 GT Chucker.

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OK, after a very tiring ride home from a pretty long bike ride, I got near where I live, I had rode my Chucker the whole way, and my freinds bike was in REALLY bad condition, so i offered to ride his while he rode mine for a little while, as he was Really tired and stressed.

We Got pretty far and near his house, and i said we would swap at the next bus stop, so we did. I was back on my chucker and him on his bike, and i was on it for literally no more than five minutes when 4-5 lads, aged between 16-20 came from a small side road. 2-3 of them ran back down the road, and two more came towards us, we couldnt attempt to ride away as the road was narrow, so he grabbed the handle bars of my chucker...

He told me to get off it, so quite oviously i told him where to go...then there was a little push and a shove and he decided to show what a real tough guy he was by threatening me with a knife...With no choice i got off the bike, (im not going to get stabbed for a bike) and let him ride off, i chased him but eh, i have no chance of keeping up with it, it was pretty dark but my freind said he seen a Black Fiat Punto Wheelspin off, I didnt realise as I was on the phone to police immediately.

Well, thats what happened, now i want it back.


GT Chucker XS1 13.5" Bike
itemcode: 423160-0
Dirt Jump Style Bike with 13.5" frame
RST Launch RA fork with 100mm travel & hydraulic rebound damping
Powerful Tektro IO disc brakes with 180mm front rotor
SRAM SX5 9 speed gearing with Trigger shifters
Suntour Duro double ring chainset with bash guard and Hexon BB
Tough Jalco DD32 double wall disc rims with Kenda K905 2.3 tyres
price: œ399.99
Colour : Black, Silver sticker. Silver parts. (e.g chain, gears, brakes)


NiteRider UltraFazer 3.0 Front LED Light (2007) (Black Light, 3 LED's on right of handle bars)
Lizard skin Jumbo, underneath chain, near rear wheel.

Date Bought:

Thats pretty much all the info..

Date stolen : 27th March 2007, approx 9:15PM.
Location Stolen : Bath Street, Waterloo, Liverpool, UK.

Pictures :

The only pictures I have.

Any help is appreciated, and anyone from liverpool please add me to MSN:
[email protected]

Ive heard Reports of it being seen in the Litherland area of Liverpool.

Thanks. If you wanna contact me ill give you my mobile number through PM's or MSN.

Thanks guys.



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