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Between the Tape Premiere - sat 28th - Walkabout

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<b>'BETWEEN THE TAPE'</b><b>


Saturday 28th April

8pm start

Walkabout Pub, Broad Street, B'ham

Must Bring ID, over 18's only </b>
Between The Tape is the new and long awaited film by clay porter.

Following the DH world cup series and visiting numerous riders homes, clay brings fresh and new ideas to mountainbiking.

"Seven Sundays out of every year, they race the clock searching for the elusive perfect run...

and it all happens, Between The Tape"

Exciting stuff, see you there! </i>

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It's for <font color="black">looking </font id="black">over at your best <font color="black">mates</font id="black"> and seeing the same <font color="black">grin</font id="black"> you're wearing and knowing why. It's for looking back on that, and being able to <font color="black">grin again</font id="black">.</font id="black"></font id="size1">
<i><font color="black"><font size="1">Mail me if you think i've got it wrong</i></font id="black"></font id="size1"></center>
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