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whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,333
edited August 2006 in The Crudcatcher
I find CSS boring, so I'm going to let one of you lot do it. The contest is to write a stylesheet and apply it to this page. There's instructions in the page source about how to change the code to apply your stylesheet.

1. The only change allowed to the code of the html page is where you declare your stylesheet. Nothing else. I will be checking.
2. Your stylesheet must validate on the W3C CSS validator, located here. Any which do not validate will be disqualified. If you need to use a hack for IE, which you really can't get through the validator, don't use it.
3. In 2 weeks, (8th of August), entries will be closed. At that point, I'll make a topic for voting on each design.

Think that's it. I'll try to get hosting for the entries sorted by tonight, or you can use your own hosting if you like.

<center><font color="black">Suburban Legend</font id="black"></center>


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