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FRC Semi Final

Crazy Dave CCrazy Dave C Posts: 7,615
edited September 2005 in MTB general
The following made it through to the Semi Finals:
<b>Scott</b> beat Hardrocker <b>22</b> to 8
<b>Just call me the random</b> beat Sam <b>20</b> to 11
<b>Imtheterribleone</b> beat Sir Hc <b>28</b> to 3
<b>Wysiwyg</b> beat Nuts4fsr <b>27</b> to 4

The semi-final draw is as follows.
Sc0tt v Imtheterribleone
Wysiwyg v Just call me the random

Entry pictures to the usual, [email protected] by midnight next Monday, whatever day that is. Cheers.

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