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Thanks for your quick response......Okay i have call my international client and he has let me understand that the method of paying is by cheque drawn in united kingdom Bank which is save....Am still
intresting in buying your bike and i would need your fullmailing address where you can receive a check of œ3800........And the excess funds of the check will be sent to the shipping company through western union money tarnsfer outlet around you for the immediate pick up of the goods from your location as soon as the transactionis completed......Also i've contacted the shipping company coming to your location for the pick up of the goods......Kindly provide the address on time and name that will be on the check for the payment.....Trust is good....Looking forward to this transaction smoothly and quickly....

does this sounds suspicious, anyway, i could probably get his cheque, when it clears get the cash out of the bank and then send it. ehat do you think. i think i smell a rat

my future ride! : ... age=367171 wadda ya think?
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