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new forum to look @ in need of mt bike mods!!

jim onejim one Posts: 183
edited December 2004 in The Crudcatcher
hi my freind recently set up a new forum in which i have just taken over as joint admin and changed the site completely so would like you to check it out and post a few threads. The site is aimed @ beginners and youths/young adults so you can add all your tips/tricks.

there is also a new gallery where you get put all your mt bike pics.

i have now added a special mt bike section and it is in need of a special mt bike mod. to be a mod on there you must register and post a reasonable amount of posts that are sensible e.g random numbers/letters counts as a post. you must also advertise site to all your bike mates.

this is also suitable for roadies and bmxers however mt bike is where the future of the site belongs[:)]

thanks and any suggetsions on how site can be improved would be greatly welcomed


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