Monday staring down the barrel of Blaenau Ffestiniog

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Monday's thread is over in SG's doubled up Sunday thread... must be pineapple overdose.

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    where's beans?

    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Monday is the new Sunday

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    Fun times in the office today, at least the commute was lots of fun 😎

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    Too busy.


    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

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    Monday is Monday is sunny. Just back from local eye clinic, just as well that I did not dally in the riverside park for an icecream as too late for bus according to timetable, best part of an hour for next one. Pub? No, one bus was 20 mins behind schedule and there it was at the stop. Get in!

    Consultant found that part of the reason for the v slow incremental improvement in the bad eye post vitrectomy post bacterial infection is that a 'kin cataract has formed. FFS. To be removed, locally 🤞, pending checks back with vitrectomy surgeon and microbiology that no risk of residual wee bastard bacteria lurking about in there. Life eh?

    Might just have a beer or 2 even if it is a Monday. Or a Sunday. Or whenever.

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    Hotel Lime Kiln.

    Went to Alton Towers. Girls twigged 9.7 miles before we got there. That's not bad - keeping it under wraps for 4 months. How many miles is 4 months?

    They kept asking where they were going Monday and we kept saying 'the potteries' and that we were going to visit pottery making places and museums.

    On way home; Mrs P to Tricky "So do you forgive me for getting you up so early?"

    Tricky : "No, I was just thinking about boring pottery".

    Credit to her and Shorty, they went on the Oblivion, Spinball, the Smiler and Rita. Rita was quick: 0-61mph in 2.5 secs. Great fun.

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    Awesome 😎