Crankarm removal please

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Long story short: squeaky noise from the press-fit bottom bracket (Carbon frame). I wanted to remove the crankarm to clean and re-grease. Realized all the 3 tools I have are too large (od ca 14mm, 23 and 31mm). I measured and it seem the fitting tool should be ca 11mm.

What exact tool do I need?

Already googled it but couldn't find a convincing answer, that's why asking here.



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    OK I think I figured it out.

    Here the answer:

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    For cannondale it's a 2 part tool you need ,there are various videos on how to do it without the tool but you risk ruining your crank .

    I use the BSC one in my shop but you can pick one up for £10

    Cannondales Si stuff is just silly ,creating issues where none existed

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