BB preventive maintenance?

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My press fit BB developed a very ugly squeaky noise, and a little play. I plan to dismount it, clean it, regrease, reinstall it. MAYBE this will fix it.


Is it recommended to service it regularly BEFORE any symptoms appear?

A) better prevent than repair

B) don't fix what's not broken



  • MidlandsGrimpeur2
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    If your frame is carbon, it is usually recommended not to grease a pressfit bb, it should go in dry.

    It depends on the BB and how much you wash your bike. Pressfit on a summer bike I tend to leave, not much water tends to get in and the bb stays okay until general wear and tear takes effect. Others like a gxp on a winter bike in my case, need regular removal and re-greasing otherwise they are shot in 6 months.

    It really depends on seals, bb type, usage and your bike cleaning habits!

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    Steel bike and screwed cups so likely different but I strip mine down annually. Seems to work.

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    You can't service the press fit interface.

    There's nothing preventing you from pulling the cranks, popping the plastic cover off the bearings and injecting some grease. That's pretty much all you can do to a press fit.

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    Thanks a lot for saying no grease.

    Yes, indeed carbon frame.

    I'll studying the usual GCN and ParkTool YouTube before talking action...