Dawes Sterling tourer / Dawes street cruiser

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Hi all, I'm just wondering if you would be able advise on a rough price on my Dad's old bike and a ladies one he also has. Unsure if this is the best place for this post, but can always move..

He purchased this lovely dawes Sterling in the 90's and used it to cycle from the furthest point south France back to Calais circa 1995, along with various other charity rides. He had planned on cycling from West to East France but sadly work commitments meant he never got to complete this and now age is against him and he has decided to part ways with his old trusty steed realising he won't complete his goal on it.

So here's the details...

Dark green Dawes Sterling

Believe size is large

Michelin World tour 700c tyres

Shimano parallax wheels

Bor Yueh panniers rear

Nimrod panniers front

Shimano Altus 18 gears with 6 sprocket at back. (Not sure about ratio of top but do recall the bottom as 1 to 1)

Bontrager Saddle

Some retro wired computer (Act)

Also have 4 additional spare tyres:

Nokia rollspeed LX

Michelin World tour (brand new)

Bike has always been garaged so is in very good condition for its age and regularly serviced (although not been used for circa 10 years), and Dad never rode it in the rain.

In addition I also have a ladies dawes street cruiser which has been used as far as I know about 3x in its life. Not entirely sure on how old this is but circa 20 years. Size small I believe.

Shimano Mega range 7 speed

21 gears

Tyres hold air, but are cracking.

Both were purchased new from Les Discount cycles in Canvey island.

If anyone's interested in either or both, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.