Dry lube

Somewhere in my move I have lost my dry lube.

Recommendations for a replacement? ( No waxing. Life's too short)

It's just a hill. Get over it.


  • photonic69
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    Squirt. Easy, peasy, lemon squeeze.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • super_davo
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    I would disagree with the lifes too short for waxing.. I was nervous at first but once you have a slow cooker with wax in it, it becomes one of the simplest jobs going. Turn the slow cooker on, come back half an hour later, undo the quick link and drop the chain in, swish it about, hang it up for a couple of minutes, put it back on the bike.

    If that sounds more complex than putting a drop on each link it really isn't, it lasts about three times longer, and you hardly ever need to clean your drive train.

    But if you're not convinced, you could do a lot worse than Squirt, which I still use as a top up if I'm on my travels (especially as you can get dinky 15ml bottles from Merlin for a couple of quid).

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    There's no need for that the bloke is just seeking advice.

  • mrb123
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    Rock n Roll Blue.

    I am also quite tempted to try the Silca Synergetic stuff at some point despite the high price.

  • froze
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    Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower wax, is the best drip-on wax made, google it.

  • slowmart
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    melt the wax in the pack using a saucepan. Dip clean chain in wax.

    wiggle chain, remove, once cool fix to bike

    600-800 miles. SFA maintenance in the period.

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  • super_davo
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    It's much easier to buy a £10 slow cooker, and just leave the wax in it. Mine only needed half the wax to fill so when it runs out (which will take a very long time) I still have another fresh fill

  • amrushton
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    I use Squirt but one good rain shower and it's gone. Might try that slow cooker idea

  • amrushton
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    Good call on the slow cooker. lots on ebay but you need a small one eg 1.5 litre. Argos has one on offer @£13.75 and most on ebay are going for not much less if you include postage.

    Are all waxes the same or is the Silca one the dogs danglies?

  • super_davo
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    Zero Friction Cycling is a website that goes into incredible detailled geekery on the pros and cons of individual waxes and lubes. From trawling through that my choice was narrowed down to Silca and Molten Speedwax. Silca is way more easily available than Molten Speedwax, so that's what I went for.

    But really if you want to know what's around on the market and pros and cons go to https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/lubetesting/ nobody will be able to give a more thorough answer than them!

  • veronese68
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    How do the hot wax lubes cope with regular use in properly wet weather? I gave up on Squirt because, as mentioned above, one wet ride washes it off. Commuting all through winter I use a wet lube, then after replacing the chain in spring brave Squirt through the summer. This year I'm still on wet lube for obvious reasons 🙄

  • super_davo
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    Better than Squirt, but I would typically still clean and reapply after a wet ride, as much to prevent rust as for any other reason. As I am sure you will know from Squirt he one major drawback of wax lubes is the lack of protection against surface rust. And if you're out and about and re hot waxing isn't possible, Squirt is a pretty good way of "topping up"