tuesday proving pineapple probability proportional to ΔV and ΨΨ∗

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nippy but bright-ish start

early ride, coffee, wfh, laze

my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • pinno
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    Morning les flibustiers de carnaval

    Wind N 16, 3 oktas, 9 degrees c.

    Ophthalmology for kicks today. Though nothing like wot 'Loon gets done.



    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • pinno
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    Tricky's special bus was getting hearlier and hearlier to the point some parents complained. Now they have delayed the bus.

    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • sungod
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    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Webboo2
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    Another nippy one here but at least it’s looking dry. So it will be a walk followed by a trip to the physio.

  • vincesummerskRoxcBTr
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    Cool and breezy for a change. Post parcel, buy milk. Glasgow later for Royal Blood.

  • homers_double
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    Parked up in the village and walked a mile to the gym. Gymed and walked another mile back.

    WFW now, kids later so might make them chicken nuggets, chips and curry sauce. All home made though, non of this pre bought nonsence.

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  • photonic69
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    Morning fellow pedalleurs,

    WFW and at last a sensible day in the office. Time to think and plan. 1st appointment has already cancelled. 2nd time now. Red mark against their name for sure.

    @vincesummerskRoxcBTr - Royal Blood. Cool. You lucky git.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • Stevo_666
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    11C here in the subtropical South East corner of the country, so got the heater on - in June FFS. More of the usual work stuff on-going so fuelling up with coffee.

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  • Charlie_Croker
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    Nippy n grey earlier now the current buns out, suspect it won’t last as showers in the forecast  


    Better get on with the planted/sowing I’ve been putting off in that case… (beans! LOL)

    More tea first

  • We've had the log burner going the last 3 nights, down to 3-4c.

  • veronese68
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    Evening folks,

    Another busy day, long meetings with a main supplier, but at least we got lunch paid for. Now on a bus to get to a pub for beers that will be followed by curry.

    It was a whole 10'C this morning, cooler in the park no doubt. But I had to drive the EPO in so was toasty in the car. Those pedalling in shorts without gloves didn't look happy

  • pinno
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    Yep. Birds have been going through the fat ball like it is winter.

    seanoconn - gruagach craic!