Quadracycle/Surrey Bike - Fitting Gears

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you with an unusual question but I wasn't sure where to post this...

I have purchased a Surrey Bike (or Quadracycle as they are also known, picture attached). I use it to ride around our families land with the kids to visit relatives, stable, bin area etc. I got it from China expecting the worst but it is fantastic.

The one issue I have with it though is that it is single gear only. Normally this is not a problem as it is a fair bit of weight to pedal and any incline is a little tough.

Nevertheless sometimes on a downward slope or on the flat it could really do with a couple of extra gears to push on a bit.

I was planning on taking it to a bike shop to see what they think, but was just hoping for some ideas before I did so I would be better equipped to discuss it with them.

The drive chains are independent, so simply fitting gears to one side would mean the passenger side stayed as single gear. Hope that makes sense!?


  • monkimark
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    It looks like there are two independent rear wheels not connected together - are they a standard bicycle size wheel (maybe Brompton size)?

    If so then hub gears might be an option - you don't appear to have anywhere to attach a derailleur anyway.

  • petedln
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    That's correct, the rear wheels are independently driven. If you are driving alone in the left seat then the pedals on the right side will remain stationary.

    No the wheels are smaller. When I put the information into Google (57-406, 20 x 2.125) it matched up with children's tyres.

    I've attached a photo of the inside of the left rear wheel... I had thought/hoped that a derailleur could be put in place of the single cog currently there?

    One idea I had was just to have two independent gear systems... if you are riding alone then it is irrelevant what gear the other side is in because there is no drive coming from the pedals anyway. If riding with someone else then each person can set the gear to what suits them? Or maybe it would require a little coordination to be in the same gear?