Segment racing and friend leagues

Hello everyone,

Who’s tired of fighting for a top spot on the same old Strava segment with no real essence other than who’s ridden or run it the fastest all-time? We’re experiencing this, and we’re less motivated to attack those segments these days because it’s just the same old thing.

But we thought about a possible solution to make segments more fun to race. What if you could create a private league with your friends, where you set the time frame, handpick a number of your favorite segments, and compete in an overall leaderboard based on points collected on each of the segments? Our idea is that this will make the racing more fun and even, as it lets everyone collect points from a set point scale, instead of having a time-based leaderboard with potentially huge gaps. This also makes the league more dynamic, as the scores will vary throughout the race period.

Since Strava shut down their APIs and prevents developers from creating this type of service, we made it ourselves with our own segment engine. It’s called HurryUp Challenges. You simply sign up, connect your device (Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, or Polar), create a league with all your desired segments (if they don’t exist, make them in a few easy steps), set the time frame, invite friends, and get out on the bike to race the segments and collect points! It’s easy and super fun!

It’s also possible to create or join public challenges, much like Strava segments, but with multiple segments and an overall point-based leaderboard.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot with your friends, visit and get started. We would also love to get some feedback if anyone chooses to test it out.