wednesday creating infinite pineapple via the banach-tarski paradox

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not raining, smidge of sun

early ride, wfh, laze

my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • Didnt realise this time of morning existed. Not raining though. Off to check out LNER

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    Too early for me, especially after senior hound decided he was going to invade the bedroom at some antisocial hour. On the train, got all day meetings but of the slightly skivey variety where there a lot of listening involved. Could do with a coffee.

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    Bonjour les cro-magnons

    There's no pea in the sun paradox here 'cos there's no bleedin' sun.

    Meh. 1 'appt*'. of 10 out the way.

    28th Covid jab

    29th bi-annual blood test

    30th Sports day

    31st follow up telephone appt ^ ^

    4th June Dentist

    6th Orthodontist for tricky

    11th Ophthalmology for Tricky

    12th Consultant paediatrician

    14th Glasgow trampolining park

    26th Shorty 'graduation'**

    *In the royal sense of the word.

    **'Graduation'?! From primary school? I mean wtf?

    Before all of that; coffee.


    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
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    a bit of crap nights sleep, bicep aching a lot. Dry at the moment here but forecast isn’t looking great, so todays planned walk might be a damp affair.

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    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • Webboo2
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    That would be a touch difficult on a 40 degree overhanging wall. Vertical and it’s not so bad. I have to avoid doing things that Mrs W thinks are irresponsible, I got told of yesterday for going on the turbo. Mind when I said she needed to go up the ladder tonight to check the guttering where it was overflowing in last nights cloud burst. She appeared to suggest I would be fine doing it one handed.

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    Long day of meetings, is it the weekend yet?

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    A promising site meeting earlier followed by some chicken and salad.

    Came back to find some twunt had reversed a van into a wall. Twunt.

    Gym later apparently.

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    Sorry. Too busy today

    Shiny sun. Windy wind. No bike. Just work. Totally knackered.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

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    Good day in The Gardens, prepping and planting out a Dahlias bed. Inc some big boys/girls/whatevs, serious tuber systems and big planting holes. Oh, seems like a few stray juniors have come home with me. How did that happen? And this week is when the next year trainees interviews are going on, 30 or so to come down to 5. Understand all current year trainees have now got future jobs lined up 👍 inc one who will be in the Botanics in Rick C land.

    Tomorrow will be another seaside day down in so luvverly Rockcliffe. With no (forecast) rain. 🤞

    (This perhaps should be on the Gardening thread...)

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    No gym, took the borrowed dog out and acted like peasants getting some shopping in a rucksack. Bloody peasants.

    Advocate of disc brakes.