Caliper rim brakes with replaceable shoes

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on the grubscrew , holding the shoes in place, how tight should it be, as I managed to round the hex screw off probably I tightened it to tight, basically is just to grip the pad as I’m guessing with the direction of the wheel it should never come out anyway


  • Webboo2
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    Also the screw goes in to a slot on the brake shoe so just nip it up.

  • pblakeney
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    Just tight enough so the screw doesn't loosen. It acts as a pin to stop the pad backing off.

    In the real world some hard braking will drive the pad forward into the shoe and it is a bugger to get back out. 😉

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  • gethinceri
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    I tend not to bother with them once replacing the pad.

  • amrushton
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    I bin the screw. The braking action pulls the pad forward into the holder. I also put some grease in the holder to make pad removal easier. You'll need a thin small screwdriver to dig the pad out or just replace the shoes if the grub screw can't be removed