Garmin or Wahoo for mapping?

If I were to get a new GPS to replace my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (1st gen) which now has a battery life of about 4 hours only, what would be recommended? Want one with good maps, TBH my old Wahoo is bobbins.

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  • pmannion9
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    Get the battery replaced. did that with my Garmin 520 - perfect again...

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    Thanks - but won't solve the rubbish mapping

    Where did you get it done, out of interest, and how much?

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
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    Bryton Rider 750e cheap and mapping not bad and not as prone to failing like garmin. Or as PM says get the battery replaced.

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    The Lezyne mapping with auto re-routing including offline mapping wasn't bad on my Mega XL, until I lost it on the train ~24 hours before my covid began in '22.

    I replaced it with a Lezyne Super Pro for £27 from Chain Reaction around Easter '23, after pondering and missing out on the Mega XL ~£36 deal overnight (wondering if GPS units had moved on, given "Climb Pro" feature was becoming popular around them, which auto-detects climb you're approaching and has dedicated screen for the climb).

    I've uploaded an offline map to my Super Pro released in '19, but I've not tested it, because my exercise restrictions last year didn't warrant it.

    I've never even heard of this online store before, but a quick google suggests this is the cheapest Mega XL deal at ~£140 with "EXTRA5" code. [b] But like I wrote, I've never heard of them before this search, it might be a scam site.[/b]

    Edit: Looks like even the Garmin Edge 130 Plus has some form of "ClimbPro" now, didn't realise that!

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    Tbh my Garmin 530 has performed flawlessly for 3 years now. I know you are going to ignore this but still…

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    Garmin 830 or 840 if you want a touch screen, 530 / 540 if you just want buttons.