Frame protection

What product do you guys use to protect your new glossy frame?
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  • pblakeney
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    None. Currently 16 years old with some touch up paint and "patina".

    Oh! And a respray after 15 years. 🤣

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  • oxoman
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    Never used to bother, however having wrecked the top tube finish on my best bike I now use clear 3m protection / helicopter tape. I only use it anywhere that something can or will rub on it.

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  • daniel_b
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    Two of my bikes I've had professionally clear wrapped, and the bianchi road bike I have bought for my now 10 year old daughter, I have wrapped the top tube to protect it from her feet, and also down tube, front forks, and rear stays to try and save the immaculate paint from when she is inevitably careless.

    I've bought my stuff off of ebay iirc.

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  • Munsford0
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    Never bothered myself. Quite like a bike that looks like it's lived a bit.

  • secretsam
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    Helicopter tape off Ebay

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