Be careful in Richmond Park - possible bike jackings

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Went through RP on my way home earlier and had a couple of helmeted lads pull up alongside me on mopeds and exhibit a surprising fascination with my bike given their demographic...Eventually they realised it wasn't on their list and buggered off. This was at about 6pm today. A bit further on I saw some police and told them about it and the officer replied to the effect that they'd had some intel there might be some attempted bike jackings there (which might explain why they were in situ, don't know).

Though practically I'm not sure what being careful means: I guess either avoiding it for a while or riding a heap of junk like my bike...


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    Personally I think it means kick the little f#kkers off and pedal like f#ck whilst screaming like a 2yr old having a tantrum.

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  • Yep, avoid or ride a cheapo bike are essentially your only options. Unfortunately trying to have a go back just isn't worth the risk. It got quite bad around there at one point with weekly incidents of moped muggings didn't it?

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    Last time there was a spate of these it was multiple people knocking people off bikes with mopeds and then threatening them with machetes.

    When they caught one, he got 6 months.

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    You're very unlikely to outrun them and there's a good chance they are armed with more than harsh words.

    This guy is probably a fair bit faster than most of us, ok he's no mma fighter but at the point where you're facing down a 15" blade, it doesn't really matter.

    Hopefully, if the police are aware, the fact that the park only has half a dozen gates will make it easier to catch the little sh!ts

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    Hah, I love that the only reason they caught one of the thieves was because he wandered into the same place the police were having a fry up. Not exactly the best episode of CSI London...

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    They’ve always got less to lose than you unfortunately if it comes to confrontation.

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    Took the EPO up to the Isabella Plantation this afternoon, saw a couple of lads on eMTBs join the road just ahead of me and rode away from me without pedalling at a fair rate. The balaclavas they were both wearing did make me wonder if they were up to no good.

    I had wondered if it would be possible to get away from an attempted jacking by going off road, certainly wouldn't be able to escape these things that way. Lucky for me my bikes are not that desirable compared to the average in Richmond Park.

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    Please don't refer to them as eMTBs.... if they weren't pedalling they must have been e-Motorbikes.

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    We had a few near us on chicken chaser scooters and ebikes and unfortunately for them they stole from the wrong person. They got sorted and no more issues. Surprisingly enough the drug problems stopped for a bit as well. TBH the problems we get a pretty small scale compared to the RP and surrounding area.

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    Worrying. Any police action?

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    Yes, this is true, but they were converted MTBs and I didn't want to imply they were full on Motocross bikes.