Best 26" bike for 11 yr old boy

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Hi all,

My 11 year old son has outgrown his 24" wheel bike. He's approx. 150cm / 4'11 height. It seems that at the next size up there's now a lot of choice.

My first question would be, it seems like 26" kids bikes recommend a max height of 5', which he's nearly at (e.g. Whyte 403*), so would I be better off getting a small frame 27.5" instead, for futureproofing?

Previously the advice was to go as light as possible to make riding easier - so bikes like Hoy, Frog, etc. (his previous bikes were the Hoy Bonaly 20" and 24"). Any thoughts now on the best bike to get for a budget of around £500? He'll be riding general XC.

Would he want suspension yet, or would he still be too light to get the benefit of it and he's better to get without and save the weight? He weighs about 40kg.





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    At that age I would be looking at second hand. We bought my 9 year old grandson a 24 inch wheel 67 frog gravel bike last summer for £130 we had to pay £20 for shipping. By this April he’d out grown it, so we bought him 26 inch 70 18 speed one, we got it for £230 and it looks virtually unused.

    I’m sure there are other such bargains out there.