a pair of vintage beauties...

I have two beautifully restored vintage Imholz road bikes for sale.

The man's frame is circa 1960s with a campagnolo group set and the ladies frame is circa 1970s with Shimano arabesque group set (new old stock)

They have been valued at 950 euros each (£810 each) plus transportation to Andover which adds a further 190 euros (£162). if they are to be delivered in the UK rather than collected from the depot, add another 60 euros (£50) to the transport cost.

my isetta is a 300cc bike


  • ugo.santalucia
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    I like old bikes, but the market has cooled off significantly since the heighs of 12 years ago, when everybody wanted to ride the Eroica and all the retro events in the circuit. At the time it was impossible to get a spot, now they beg you to enter.

    These are not the most desirable Italian frames, so the value you suggest seems a bit optimistic, but good luck. 3 wheels out of 4 have been laced with the valve in the wrong spot, it’s not an issue but it annoys my eye, it is however quite common in vintage bikes, for some reason.

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