Canyon Neuron CF weight saving advice for lighter rider

My 17 year old daughter has just picked up a 2nd hand Canyon Neuron CF 8 to replace her XC race bike, as she is no longer racing. She is more into general trails riding and has recently qualified as a MTB coach.

The Neuron looks a great bike, but is currently specced a but burly for her, seeing as she is quite light. It has 200/180 rotors, and Hans Dampf/Nobby Nic tyres, and some study cockpit choices.

I was wondering about quick fixes to lighten it a bit for her.

Firstly, I don't think she needs 200/180 rotors. Maybe switch the 200 front for a 180? Views?

Then I guess tyres are a simple switch? She has come from XC race tyres so is finding the Neuron pretty draggy (though she does need to get used to it!). I was thinking something like a Schwalbe Wicked Will SuperGround, which would be a bit lighter and faster rolling, but also grippy enough for the trails. Any others I should look at?

Any other quick wins?

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    Consider going tubeless. As long as you use a latex based sealant, pretty much any tyre can be set up tubeless.

    I went tubeless many years ago and apart from once when I let the sealant dry up so that it was ineffective and twice when two identical tyres failed at the bead, I have had zero flat tyres. But I have had hundreds of punctures!

    I still carry a pump and spare tubes though just in case, sort of like a talisman. As long as I carry them, I won't need them (except for the three times I mentioned). My current bike has a 29" front wheel and a 27.5" rear, so I can't even get away with only one spare tube.

    I have big tyres and the spares are not only heavy but very bulky (see pic attached) so extra strong tubes by Tubolitos are a godsend (see pics and link).

    They have an even lighter version called the S-Tubo (page down to find them).

    The 29" standard tube is even bigger!