Disc brakes pads little screw stuck (and damaged)

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I wanted to remove my disc brake pads, to inspect and maybe replace. Ultegra. Done this zillions of times before already.

But this time around, the little screw holding the pads, was stuck. I tried to loosen it, first with Isopropanol, later with heat. Didn't work, still stuck

In the process, I even ended up damaging its head.

How the heck do I now remove it? Next time I put it I'll make sure I grease the thread, but got to remove it first.

I will take the bike to the LBS tomorrow, expect the guy will drill through, can't see what else one could do.

Beside, why a screw at all, and not a threadless pin, bent. Like indeed my Deore XT on a different bike. I serviced my Deore brake pads zillions of times, never an issue. Never a tiny screw got stuck (the isn't any!!).



  • mrb123
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    I had this same problem. The screw was absolutely terrible, properly made of cheese. I pretty much destroyed the head of it in various attempts to get it out.

    My LBS got it out no problem, I'm assuming by drilling it out. They were clearly extremely familiar with the issue. They replaced it with a split pin.

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    Thanks a lot

  • Charlie_Croker
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    The ones holding my pads inline are allen-screws much better idea. Having said that however at the other end the bolt holding the lever in place is a philips headed screw! Can't fathom it. It has to be the only non-allen headed screw on the bike.

  • pep.fermi
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    Indeed I have hex sockets for the little screws of my MTB, xtr brakes.

    Speaking here about my road bike, slot screws. Hex would be better, torx even better, and split pins perhaps best.

  • super_davo
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    The latest gen have hex heads on road too. They are called Pad Axles if you want to source a replacement - plenty on the bay in all manner of fancy colours.

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    To remove it try a pair of small mole grips to grip the middle and turn it. They'd have to be good quality ones to get a tight enough grip in such a small space.

  • trevor.hall12
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    I use a dremmel to cut the pin so you can remove the pads ,then grab with needle nose pliers to grab it .

    Also had plenty I drilled out .

    Start with a 3mm tgen go upto a 4 ,by then the heat will free it up and it will literally fall out

    The mistake people make is screwing them in tight ,back it off a turn after it stops to stop this happening ,that said the hex heads are the way to go

  • pep.fermi
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    Thanks everyone, much appreciated