Does anyone know this film, please?

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An American couple are in a tour bus in somewhere like Afghanistan. There's a couple of kids on a mountainside overlooking the road the bus in on, and using a rifle they take a couple of shots at the bus just to see if they can. They manage to hit the woman of the couple and she gets taken to a nearby village and the tour goes on without them.

It turns out that the gun was given to the children's' father as a gift by a Japanese businessman (hunting trip?). So some of the story takes place in Japan where a detective is trying to fins out how the gun got where it was.

I think the American couples' kids are being cared for by a Mexican nanny, who is then late for something in Mexico when the couple don't return home when they should. So she takes the kids to her home town, perhaps smuggling them across the border, and getting lost on the return.

There are other bits of plot, but they run around how much trouble the gun causes, the kids who do the shooting come to a bad end with the military 'police'.

I thought it was called 'The Gun', but I can't see a film with that title which matches the above. Any ideas, please?

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    - Genesis Croix de Fer
    - Dolan Tuono
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    Excellent film - shockwaves from a random shooting travel around the world. Tour bus is in Morocco.

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    Ah, that's the one! Thank you. I'll put it on my watch list.

    I thought it was Brad Pitt, but a quick scan through his films didn't return a title which shouted out to me. I'd have never thought it was called that.

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